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Sheba the Mississippi Queen: Buy

$20.00 is for shipping and handling inc. If you buy both CDs it will $35.00. shipping and handling inc.


CD Baby

I just love CD Baby Buy it from here.

CD Baby

Butter On My Roll - Blues

Buy this CD at CD Baby

I love this site CD Baby Buy it from here.

Detour Road & Butter on My Roll

The pricing on my website is for a personal autographed copy of my CD this include shipping and handling. So go to my guestbook and put in your information where you would like for the CDs to be sent and how you would like to pay. I do accept credit cards. They are both on and you can get  a clip of  the music, you can buy a single song or a complete CD. Thank you so much for your support.

Butter On My roll - Blues

CD Baby